EACOC teaches pupils of Ruda nad Moravou primary school about Azerbaijan

On Monday, April 8, 2019, pupils of the 7th and 8th grades of Ruda nad Moravou Primary School attended geography lecture about Azerbaijan. The lecture was presented by Eldar Valiyev, Secretary of the European-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce who also teaches course of Azerbaijani History at the Charles University in Prague. The history course covers Azerbaijan from antiquity to the present day.

Eldar Valiyev gave the pupils a brief overview of the history of Azerbaijan, from the Stone Age to the present. During the lecture he stressed that, like the Czech Republic, Azerbaijan declared the first republic in 1918 – the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, but two years later the Red Army occupied the territory and in 1921 it was incorporated into the then Soviet Union. The modern history of the independent Azerbaijan Republic dates back to 1991.

The pupils also learned about Azerbaijani’s most important holiday, which is celebrated on 20 and 21 March. Azerbaijani and some other nations are not celebrating the beginning of the spring but also the beginning of the new year. This is associated with Novruz, a traditional Persian holiday that celebrates new beginnings and has its roots in the monotheistic religion of naturist. The Novruz Feast, which can be compared to the Christian celebrations of Christmas or Easter, is a 3,000-year tradition in Azerbaijan

Through the presentation, Eldar Valiyev presented the Azerbaijan cultural traditions to pupils. Then the students received promotional materials that were of great interest and one more surprise. Everyone could taste the offspring, a traditional Azerbaijani puff pastry dessert, honey and walnuts.

The lecture, after which a very interesting discussion took place, attracted not only the pupils but also the teachers



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